A Man Painting on a Ceramic Wash Hand Basin

One of the most common sinks that you usually see in hotels and restaurants is the screen sink.

One of the most important positive features of these types of ceramic wash hand basin is that they occupy very little space, which is like a ceramic sink suitable for small bathrooms and toilets.

Plate sink is usually produced in stone (granite and marble).

In this model, a small surface of stainless steel is placed under the sink and the plumbing is hidden behind it.

Usually, water splashes in this sink because of its low depth.

If you are looking for a stylish yet simple, special and unique decoration for your bathroom, the console sink is one of the best options.

This sink model is made with a large basin and wall-mounted with two or four decorative bases.

In this style of deep sink basin, acceptable space has been considered in the legs and under the sink for better use by the consumer.


In fact, you can have a classic and attractive design by installing this model in your bathroom.


Usually, in this model of sinks, there is a rod for placing a towel, and this makes the sink console a delicate combination of form and function.

Another sink that is usually confused with a console sink is a deep basin vanity sink.

This model of sinks is designed and built with a very deep rectangular basin and usually with a console or cabinet at the bottom.

The main difference that can be seen between this sink and the cantilever sink is the depth of its basin or bowl compared to the basin of the cantilever sink.

Manufacturers have produced different models of it, which are chosen according to the bathroom space and the type of use by the consumer.

Among the models of this sink, we can mention the wall model, base model, and rimless model.

Interestingly, most of these sinks are places for small pets to rest.

In fact, if you have a pet and it doesn’t make any noise for a while, look inside the sink without delay. Be sure to find them resting in the sink.

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