Damro Office Sofa Was the Best Selling Sofa in 1980

According to the decoration of their workplace, different companies need to check all kinds of office furniture and get the best and most suitable ones for their workplace.

Steel office sofa

The steel sofa, like the Damro office sofa, has a high class and it inspires the client to meet an important character.

Choosing a steel sofa is not suitable for a company that does simple office work.

Classic office sofa

Classic office sofas are more glamorous and they usually use beech wood in their production and also have inlays with special designs and colors, this type of sofa is chosen by problem-friendly managers.

And have high class, if the interior decoration of the company is also used in classic style, it will have a great impact on the beauty and attractiveness of your work environment.


Comfortable office furniture

Comfortable sofas can be chosen for a friendly office or an office where informal and special meetings can be held.

Comfortable office furniture is also used for newspaper and graphic offices, in workplaces where employees work long hours.

You can use this sofa to work more easily.

Modern office furniture

Modern office sofas have been able to create a special place for themselves due to the increasing acceptance of modern decoration, many facilities and compatibility with the work environment have made it possible to coordinate it with most styles, modern office sofas by observing the characteristics.

Necessary to maintain the health of the employees designed, functionality and small size of the modern office furniture, in addition to beauty, plays an important role in increasing the work space.

Royal office furniture

Of the types of office sofas, they are mostly used for the decoration of luxury and expensive companies, royal sofas have large and long dimensions and usually show the grandeur and splendor of the interior decoration to visitors with beautiful inlays and carvings, the material of royal sofas.

They use walnut wood, which has high strength and durability, most of the royal office sofas have a crown and show its grandeur and royalty.

Its beauty has made it an excellent arrangement and decoration for you.

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