A Man Who Wrapped His Wife in a Korean Blanket in Nepal After Killing Her

Korean blanket in Nepal is one of the most popular quality blankets.

American psychiatrists say that it is better to choose a blanket between soft green, lemon, pink, rose, lilac, cream or even white colors, so that before sleep and seeing the color of the blanket, we can reach relative peace.

For this reason, the color and design of the blanket is very important for the buyer, and we should buy a color that not only gives us a feeling of peace, but also matches the size of the bedroom.

Buy a washable blanket:

When buying a blanket, it is better to make sure that the words washable in the washing machine or Machine Washable are included on its label.

In this case, you can leave it to your washing machine to wash it very easily.

If you don’t want to do this or dry clean your blankets, you can prepare a pan filled with lukewarm water and washing up liquid and throw the blanket into it.


Blanket care

Blankets are usually damaged due to improper washing. Some are also damaged due to storage in the wrong place.

So, it is better to pay attention to the tips for maintaining this popular sleep product, so that its life does not decrease.

Washing a blanket is not an easy task. So be careful not to wash it unnecessarily. It also reduces its useful life.

Check the closet that is going to host the quilts and mattresses.

The enemy of these devices is humidity in the place of storage.

In addition, every so often, take out the blankets and change their type of washing, so that they don’t get lost.

Don’t forget to use sheets for blankets because of the extra cost.

The sheet prevents the blanket from fluffing and dusting, and at the same time, it keeps the warmth in the blanket.

To wash blankets and quilts, dry cleaning is the best option; But if you do it yourself (with a washing machine or by hand), use cold and maximum lukewarm water (30 degrees) and detergent with controlled foam and preferably liquid detergent.

The main thing is to rinse several times, so that no foam remains. For this, you need to put the washing machine on extra rinse mode.

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