Production of Wooden Disposable Plates from Recycled Waste in China

If disposable dishes, including wooden disposable plates, are produced and distributed in compliance with specific standards, it will increase the quality of human life and bring comfort to people. Some of the advantages of disposable containers are:

Using alcohol-resistant materials

Maintaining personal hygiene and food safety, especially in environments such as restaurants and offices

High plasticity and variety


Easy movement of food

Less energy is used for production.

Today, choosing suitable and healthy disposable containers is a difficult challenge.

Containers that, in addition to preserving human health, also help to preserve the ecosystem and the environment.

Unfortunately, every year a large number of these products are turned into waste.

The phenomenon of environmental pollution has caused many governments, environmental activists and business owners to think of providing a solution to prevent environmental disaster and destruction of nature.


The disposable products production industry has a wide range and variety of products.

From plastic containers to aluminum samples and vegetable disposable containers, all kinds of disposable containers with various materials and applications are available in the market today.

In addition to the quality of the products, buyers are looking for a product with a suitable appearance and application.

Precautions for using disposable containers

The recommendations are to stay away from plastic containers as much as possible, but if you use them, you must follow some points; Although observing all these points cannot prevent the negative effects of using them.

Here are some tips for using disposable plastic containers:

One should be more cautious in using colored disposable dishes because the material of disposable dishes is such that it does not tolerate the color being eaten and the color dissolves in it.

Too much cold also causes problems; Therefore, avoid freezing food or water in disposable containers for a long time in refrigerators.

Pouring liquids such as soft drinks, coffee, lemon juice, water, etc., which have acidic and fatty substances, doubles the problems.

Direct contact of these dishes with microwave should be avoided.

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