A Bata Leather Shoes in Bangladesh with a Flashlight Inside

Leather is one of the best and highest quality products that can be used to produce shoes.

In addition to being durable and long-lasting, natural leather can be a good option for creating a stylish and appropriate style.

Quality leathers can be used to design and produce shoes that, in addition to being comfortable for the feet, have a long lifespan.

In the following article, we will mention the guide for buying Bata Leather Shoes in Bangladesh.

In general, leather will be divided into two groups: natural leather and synthetic leather.

Natural leather is an excellent option for producing shoes. Natural leather is made from the skin of animals such as cows, camels, goats, etc.

One of the most important features of natural leather is its quality, strength and comfort.

Artificial leather, unlike natural leather, by using plastic in its ingredients, has a lower quality, a shorter lifespan, and as a result, a lower price.


Classification according to the type of leather: leather is divided into two groups: natural leather and synthetic leather.

Classification according to leather producing climate: Morocco, Spain and Russia can be mentioned as the most famous leather producing countries.

Classification according to the method of tanning: It is said to prepare the leather for use in the production of tanned clothing, which includes a series of corrections and changes needed to improve the condition of the leather so that it finds the right characteristics to become the desired clothing.

The most basic point in choosing shoes is its comfort.

Basically, leather shoes are very comfortable due to the use of quality and natural materials, and this has caused air to flow easily in the shoes during use, this is the breath of leather.

A shoe is suitable for your feet in which your feet do not move too much and the toes of your feet are not under pressure.

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