A Child Was Paralyzed After Eating Non-Ionic Detergents

Chlorine bleach: It can whiten clothes very effectively, but it can weaken fabric fibers.

Therefore, you should not use chlorine bleach on protein fabrics such as silk, wool or on lycra, spandex, elastic.

Oxygen bleach: Oxygen bleach is color safe and gentler on fabric fibers. Learn more about using bleach here.

Types of detergents: laundry liquid

Washing liquid is added as an additive to non-ionic detergent to improve the performance of detergents.

They help remove stains better and lighten the color of clothes. They may also have water softening properties.

It is expensive, but it is easy to use and dissolves quickly, even in low temperature water cycles, and because of its liquid nature, it can be used as a pre-treatment for spot stains.

It helps to preserve the bright colors of the clothes while removing the stains without affecting the color of the fabric.

It is useful for removing food stains, oil or grease because it penetrates the fabric fibers to remove the stain. destroy

Stain removers

Stain removers target stains and are usually used as stain removers before washing.

They may be a combination of detergents, alcohols, mineral spirits and enzymes and work effectively in removing stains without fading colors.


Types of detergents: optical brighteners

These are additives that make whites appear whiter. They absorb ultraviolet light from the sun or fluorescent devices and emit blue light.

They may already be added to your detergent. You can use aqueous agents in a separate final wash to achieve a similar effect.

fabric softener

After washing the clothes, they become scratchy. If you don’t like this, you can add fabric softeners to the water.

They coat your clothes with a waxy lubricant that gives them a special softness.

Fabric softeners also prevent clothes from tangling and reduce wrinkles. Towels come out fluffy, bed sheets soft, and your blouses almost wrinkle-free.


Hair shampoo is used by many people to wash clothes, especially for washing natural fibers, but not all shampoos are effective as cleansers, and some may even be harmful.

They may contain materials that are not suitable for fabric fibers. Avoid buying shampoos with additional ingredients such as oil conditioners, etc.

You should look for ingredients like lauric acid, myristic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid in your shampoo to be effective as a good cleanser for clothes.

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