A Hollow Core Interior Door Saved the Lives of Giraffes in the Zoo

Fire doors

As it is clear from the name of this type of Hollow Core Interior Door, fireproof doors can be of great help in saving our lives and property in the event of an unpleasant incident such as a fire.

But in addition to this advantage, we can also do other things, including the ability to enclose the fire in a He named a specific place to prevent the release of smoke and toxic and dangerous gases and to prevent the penetration of sound (sound insulation).

For this reason, these widely used doors are the best option in times of need and crisis because they can bring more comfort to people with their special features.

PVC doors

Maybe you have also heard that PVC doors are cheap and affordable compared to wood, making them one of the most popular and common types of construction doors.

It is interesting to know that most of the PVC doors are made of PVC material and because of its many advantages, PVC material is used not only for all kinds of building doors but also for windows, floors, wall coverings, etc.


The possibility of easy washing, high impact resistance, and also being anti-scratch are all advantages of the PVC door.

Wooden doors

Wood is one of the oldest materials for building doors, and since there was easy access to this type of building material in the past, this type of door is quite familiar and is one of the basic materials for building all kinds of structures.

Wooden entrance doors are available in the market in two types, modern wooden door and classic wooden door, and they are produced in two ways: doors with hollow or full cores, whose surface is either painted or a wooden cover is used on them.

In general, the price of a wooden door or, for example, the price of a prefabricated wooden door, is determined according to the material used in it.

The general material of the wooden entrance door is a combination of wood or MDF of various finishes, and the wood used in all types of entrance doors is Russian, Mulch and Beech. The use of wooden doors is still important.

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