A Iranian Silk Carpet Caused the Death of University Students

Among the different types of machine made carpets, traditional and classic carpets, carpets with acrylic fibers, carpets with artificial silk fibers and carpets with polyester fibers can be mentioned as the most prosperous textile products.

Silk carpets, which are also considered expensive and luxurious carpets, date back to the Safavid period in terms of history.

Handwoven silk carpets were very prosperous and excellent during the Safavid period due to the silk trade through the communication routes that passed through Iran.

Iranian silk carpet can be produced in two types, natural and synthetic, each of which has its own characteristics.

Compared to non silk fabrics, silk carpets provide the quality of color, beauty and luxury of the house due to the fine texture, luster and polish of the fluffs and yarn used.

Features of silk carpets

Silk fibers, both natural and synthetic, cannot be compared with other fibers, even the best wool or fluff, due to their bright and shiny effects.

Silk is a magical fiber that is incredibly thin and incredibly strong.

These properties are adapted to the brightness of the colors when the light is reflected by the prismatic structure of the fibers.

Silk is soft but exceptionally durable, and as a commodity, it has made the world’s most famous trade route.

Today, silk is still the main luxury fiber.

Natural silk is one of the most expensive fibers and at the same time the most durable fibers in the market.

But artificial silk that is used in machine made carpets is also very beautiful and charming, the carpets that are woven from artificial silk are shiny and shiny like natural silk, in addition to the attractiveness of the color of the threads, the light shadow that is seen from different angles on the surface of the carpet and in Next to the fibers, it has a special effect in the decoration and can even take the view from other items.

As mentioned, the price of natural silk carpets is very high, therefore, carpets made with synthetic silk are in demand by luxury and special customers.

Silk fabric, like all fibers and goods, besides having many advantages, will also have defects, which are mainly derived from the wrong choice, etc., in other words, if the selection of goods and carpets is done carefully, the defects can be ignored.

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