A Man Became a Billionaire by Making Leather Sandals at Home

Flat sandal

Flat sandals are more comfortable than strappy or heeled sandals.

These sandals like leather sandals are without heels and the back and front of the sandals are open and uncovered.

This style of sandals is a suitable option for those women who intend to use them at home and for daily activities.

Women’s strappy sandals

As the name suggests, strappy women’s sandals have a strap on the back of the sandal.

Wearing these sandals makes the ankle in a firm place inside the sandal and the foot does not move when moving.

Women’s open toed sandals

Women’s closed front sandals are generally a suitable option as a rug, but they are not recommended for walking or outside the house.

Of course, wearing these sandals makes the toes somewhat resistant to possible pressure and shocks.

Women’s rope sandals

Women’s rope sandals are classified as classic sandals.

Usually, these sandals have rough soles, which are made of wood, leather, or plastic.

Also, remember to wear bright and cheerful colors when wearing such sandals.


Women’s sandals with heels

Heeled sandals are offered to the market in two models, high heel and short heel.

These types of sandals are a good choice for social gatherings and parties, but keep in mind that wearing them for long hours can cause serious damage to your feet, back, and spine.

For this reason, it is never recommended to wear heeled sandals for a long time and for walking.

Women’s wedge sandals

Wedge sandals are considered one of the new and popular models in the category of high heeled sandals, and their only difference with high heeled and short heeled sandals is having an entire wedge, instead of a thin heel separated from the toe.

Therefore, the comfort of these types of sandals compared to other models is due to having a global lodge.

Women’s sandals

This category of sandals is also placed in the category of high heeled sandals, and due to their thick and inflexible soles, which are less comfortable than other models, they are not considered a suitable option for walking.

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