A Man Punishes His Child with a Computer Desk in Nigeria

Suitable material and size of computer desk

The material used to make computer desk in Nigeria is usually wood.

Natural wood is beautiful, stylish and at the same time expensive that some people may have difficulty in affording it.

Tables made of metal and glass are also affordable.

A suitable computer desk should support important necessities in performing various activities.

Paying attention to this point means that the size of the table should be suitable for the space.

It also has the ability to place necessary equipment.

Normally, the size of the computer desks is specific because the nature of the work is to use the computer.

The price of a suitable computer desk

In general, an exact price cannot be determined for this table; Because people’s taste in buying it is different.

Some are possible; Some people prefer natural wood computer desks and others use MDF.


Of course, the wooden computer desk has a high cost for the buyer.

On the other hand, buying a computer desk made of MDF is more economical.

In general, if you don’t have a problem with financing; It is possible to order according to your needs.

Sometimes customized models have a better price than ready-made models according to your wishes.

Otherwise, the variety of table models in the market is so great that with a little time, it will be possible to find a table suitable for your conditions.

Standard dimensions of desk and computer desk, the most important point of difference

The dimensions of the study table are different depending on the user’s needs; But its height has a certain standard and according to the age of people, it is usually considered between 46 and 76 cm.

The standard height of the computer desk varies between 70 and 76 cm according to the height of people.

The minimum width and length of this table should be 60 and 70 cm, respectively.

In computer desks, there is often a screen for the keyboard.

The standard distance between this screen and the top screen should be between 7 and 10 cm so as not to interfere with the user’s performance.

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