A man who killed his wife with a peanut shell

In today’s stressful life, depression is one of the problems of a large number of people, and the need to use drugs to fight this problem is strongly felt.

The main cause of depression is low serotonin levels. Ground plantain contains a lot of tryptophan, which stimulates the release of chemicals and thus helps in the treatment of depression.

can you eat peanut shells? Consuming two tablespoons of peanut butter a week is very helpful for fitness and health.

Vitamin B is effective in reducing the risk of heart diseases as well as skin and hair health. If 1.5 ounces of peanuts are consumed daily, this requirement can be met.
One of the most important properties of peanuts is that due to the niacin (vitamin B3) contained in it, it is very useful for preventing neurological diseases related to memory such as Alzheimer’s.

Due to the fact that the percentage of Alzheimer’s disease is very high today; It is better for everyone to take the consumption of peanuts or peanut butter seriously.

In addition to the properties of peanuts for expectant mothers and helping to have a healthy pregnancy, the folic acid contained in them reduces the possibility of serious neurological diseases and neural tube defects for babies.

If peanuts are consumed regularly, the manganese in them helps absorb calcium, carbohydrates and fats.

Therefore, it helps to balance and regulate the blood sugar level of the body and is useful for all people, especially diabetics.

As you have read, peanuts are effective and effective foods that can help your body’s health.

The unique properties of this type of almond have made its presence in the diet considered a necessity. We advise you to consume peanuts to get the most out of its effects.

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