A Soldier Saved a Child’s life in the War by Using White Onion Today

Onion properties

Onions are rich in antioxidants

Photochemicals, or phytochemicals, are natural substances found in fresh fruits and vegetables that make them great health foods.

Some of them have antioxidant effects; Just like the phytochemicals in onions.

You might be surprised to hear this fact, but onions are actually the most antioxidant-rich food you can find.

Yes, it is absolutely true; Neither lemon, nor blueberry, nor parsley, nor any other edible herb that is referred to in commercials as a complete source of antioxidants;

Also, the interesting point is that one of the reasons why white onion today is rich in antioxidants is the presence of sulfur compounds in them;

The same compounds that make onions smell bad.

Onion contains strong anti-cancer substances

Obviously, the antioxidant property mentioned above can help in the fight against cancer and all kinds of tumors.


But there is a special substance in onion that causes double anti carcinogenic effect in it.

This compound is called quercetin; This substance is a type of flavonoid found in onions.

And many studies have proven its various effects on health (effects such as preventing cardiovascular diseases, Parkinson’s, etc.).

Quercetin’s most prominent health effect is its ability to fight cancer, and if you’re looking for motivation to eat more onions,

This issue can be a decisive reason for consuming more onions in your diet.

The anticancer properties of quercetin can be considered as one of the most desirable and important properties of onions for health.

It causes the production of good cholesterol (HDL).

You often get the most amazing benefits of onions when you eat them raw, so always keep this in mind before adding onions to your diet.

An easy way to help raise your good cholesterol levels (and therefore, lower your bad cholesterol levels) is to add a few pieces of it to your food.

To benefit more from the properties of onion, you can also add a few drops of lemon juice on it.

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