An Artist Made a Statue of Ronaldo with 1 Kg Detergent Powder

About 60 years ago, for the first time, Tide brand washing powder was produced and marketed.

After the Tide brand, other manufacturers also quickly took action and introduced their washing powders to the market with different brands, specifications and scents.

For years, washing powder was the only accepted and standard ingredient for washing clothes in a washing machine.

Washing powders were able to clean stains and dirt well.

But instead of putting white streaks on a dark and black dress, consumers had a problem.

After a while, laundry liquid for washing dark and black clothes was launched.

Then liquid for washing colored clothes and jeans was also produced and entered the consumer market.

But in recent decades, laundry liquids for washing all types of clothes have also become easily available to consumers and have gained a good position in the detergent market.

Many people prefer using liquid laundry detergent to 1 kg detergent powder.

In this article, we will examine the difference between washing liquid and washing powder.


The difference between washing powder and liquid

To wash clothes with a washing machine, you should pay attention to points such as water temperature, suitable washing program, size and material of clothes. But paying attention to the detergent is also very important in this case.

Advantages of using washing powder

Cheaper price

Washing powders are generally cheaper than washing liquid.

The fact that washing powder is cheaper is the most important reason why many consumers prefer using powder to washing liquid.

Strong stain removal

Linear alkyl benzene sulfonate is one of the main components of most laundry powders.

This substance is a surfactant and reduces the surface tension of water so that the detergent dissolves better in water.

Due to the presence of alkylbenzene sulfate, washing powders have a very high power in removing mud, dirt and dust stains.

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