Camay Soap in Sri Lanka Is Used to Bake Chocolate Cake

Most of the hand and body soaps in the market, of any liquid or solid type, despite the appearance of soap, according to the FDA definition, are not soap at all, and in fact, they only consist of chemical detergents and synthetic foaming and hardening agents.

Their main advantage is their relatively cheaper price; Because, unlike handmade soaps, they are free of nourishing oils and natural cleansers, alkaline salts are fatty acids.

Another group of soaps are those that are obtained from the saponification reaction between fatty acids and an alkaline substance according to the definitions set by the FDA, and their cleaning agent is only alkaline salts, the products of the aforementioned reaction.

The famous camay soap in Sri Lanka is from this group; However, they still do not have all the ingredients found in handmade soaps.

What is the reason for cleaning soap?

According to the molecular structure and emulsion properties of soap, the reason for the cleaning action of soaps can be explained.


The most common cause of pollution is the result of fat and oil compounds, which soaps are usually used to remove.

Soaps are composed of two components: hydrophobic (hydrocarbon radical CH3-(CH2)n) and hydrophilic (soap lead +COO-Na-).

It is due to the presence of these two substances in soap that soap molecules have the ability to dissolve in water on the one hand and the ability to dissolve fats on the other hand.

Whenever there are soap molecules in the mixture of water and oil, this combination interferes between the two liquids of water and oil and causes them to mix with each other.

They are polar mixed and while the +COO-Na group is strongly polar, it forms the hydrophilic part of the soap, due to being covered with water, it enters the blue layer and thus the soap molecules are placed in the interface of oil and water.

In this combination, the fat formed due to the shaking and stirring of the liquid is broken into small particles and covered with soap molecules, in this case, if there are enough soap and water, the oil is washed from the desired surface.

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