China Produced Leather Bags with Fringe that Emit Toxic Gases

The main features of a leather bag

It is a valuable and luxury item.

It is resistant to possible damage such as fire, sunlight, etc.

The material of leather bags with fringe is completely natural fibers.

It has extremely high strength.

This bag can be matched with other items such as belts, shoes, gloves, etc.

It has a long life and many years.

It is moisture and water resistant.

It matches all colors of clothes.

All kinds of leather bags

Today, many different models of leather bags are prepared and produced in the market.

These models are used for all people, both men and women, and all ages.

For example, the following designs are available and available in Artan leather store:

All kinds of women’s leather bags


Women’s shoulder bag


Makeup bag

Men’s leather bags

Men’s shoulder bag

Office bag


Document bag

Methods of identifying genuine leather bags


In order to be able to distinguish original and natural leather bags from artificial leathers, the following points should be considered:

The smell of leather: natural leather has a specific smell.

In such a way that it is impossible to produce a fake and similar type from it.

Leather material: natural leather is completely soft and flexible.

Therefore, bags that are dry and stiff cannot be offered as a natural leather bag.

What should be considered when buying a leather bag?

When buying a leather bag, in addition to paying attention to the type of bag and distinguishing natural leather from artificial leather, you should also pay attention to the following:

In addition to having a durable and quality leather bag, it must also have clean and beautiful stitching.

Because improper sewing of the bag, especially in the parts that have connections such as zippers and buckles, will cause damage to the leather and lower the quality of the bag.

Also, the lining part of the bag must be connected to the main part of the bag in an orderly manner without any tears or cracks.

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