Eating Danish Butter Cookies in Nigeria Will Keep You Awake for a Week

You must have eaten a chocolate cookie once and you know that it is a good quality chocolate cookie

Like the Danish butter cookies in Nigeria, it has a crispy top and the inside is soft and filled with pieces of chocolate or sweets.

How to make delicious chocolate cookies

First, mix the butter and powdered sugar well and stir until fluffy.

We mix the flour with cocoa powder and sift it 3 times and add it to the ingredients we have and mix well with an electric mixer until the end.

When we get a loose dough, we take a soup spoonful of dough and shape it in our hands and make it into a simple circle that is slightly flattened.

We put the sweets in a tray on the middle window of the oven that we have preheated to 170°C and cook for 20 minutes.


We can float the baked cookies for decoration in melted white chocolate and then place them on the net window and after the white chocolate has set, we decorate it with thin lines of dark chocolate and then the cookie. We serve chocolates.

Important tips in baking chocolate cookies

The oven tray itself is not suitable for baking cookies, and its material and dark color cause the bottom of the cookies to burn.

It is better to use a light colored tray like galvanized instead of the main oven tray.

Be sure to put one cookie on a small piece of parchment paper in the oven before putting all the cookies in the oven so that the baking time and the texture of the cookie will come after it cools down and put the rest of the cookies safely in the oven.

Using high-quality cocoa and chocolate makes your cookies tasty; It is better to use Dutch or Turkish cocoa.

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