Home Security Doors of the House Can Wake You Up in the Morning

Anti-theft doors are more secure than other doors and due to their characteristics, they are more effective in providing security compared to old doors and accordion fences.

The components of anti-theft doors are the frame, type of door and lock.

Unlike old doors, Home Security Doors have very good insulation against heat and cold and of course fire.

Metal and wooden anti-theft doors

There are two types of anti-theft doors in the market; Metal and wooden anti-theft door.

The structure of the metal anti-theft doors is made of steel and soft iron, and there is a piece of tempered glass on the back of the panel.

China is one of the largest manufacturers of anti-theft doors.

Anti-theft wooden doors, one of which is the lobby door, are made of metal and wood combinations.

Currently, a large share of the anti-theft door market is dedicated to wooden doors.

One of the reasons why these doors attract the attention of many people is their brown and white color range.


Inside these types of doors, metal sheets are installed to increase the strength, but for the beauty and shape of their appearance, wooden sheets are used, so that the wooden sheets are placed exactly on the metal sheets.

What components does the anti-theft door consist of?

The skeleton, sheet, frame, insulation, hinge, anti-theft door lock, handle, main key and worker key of the anti-theft door are the components of anti-theft doors.

The skeleton of anti-theft doors

The skeleton of this door is multi-layered, as we mentioned in the previous part of the article, metal sheets are placed between two layers of wooden covers.

To insulate these doors, they fill them with stone wool. For this reason, they can be good insulators for sound and heat.

When buying anti-theft devices, you should pay attention to all their components.

Metal sheets

Metal sheet is one of the most essential efficient elements inside the anti-theft doors. In fact, without this sheet, the door will not have enough security and finally it can be said that it is no different from ordinary doors.

Along with the installation of this sheet, steel coils and belts have also been used to increase security.

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