Make Dolls at Home with Wire Mesh in Nigeria

Mesh netting or welding netting is a type of metal mesh netting made with simple and ribbed rebar.

Wire mesh in Nigeria is produced from various types of iron and galvanized wire in black color and is presented to the market in three forms: panel, ribbed and steel.

This product consists of steel grids that are welded together in a tabular form.

The thickness of the wire that is used to produce the mesh is different based on the type of mesh panel used, in different forms, such as load-bearing walls, ceilings, and partitions.

This product is widely used in the construction industry and especially for reinforcing foundation concrete as rebar network.

To produce an iron mesh net, rebars are placed on top of each other and welded, thus creating square-shaped springs.

This type of netting is completely different from other types of netting such as fence netting, chicken netting and gabion netting in terms of how the wires are woven.

Because the rebars are spot welded.


Mesh welding netting is available in the market in the form of rolls or leaves.

Roll welded mesh is mostly produced from iron wires with a diameter of 2.5 cm to 5 cm, and leaf or sheet welded mesh with dimensions of 1 meter by 2 meters and with 4 and 6 mm rebar is available in the market.

Advantages of mesh rebar networks

Mesh rebar networks have many advantages. Below we will mention some of these advantages.

Mesh rebar networks are economical compared to other methods.

Due to the spot welds and the regularity of the knots, it has high resistance.

Mesh rebar networks speed up wire placement operations compared to other methods.

Ease of transportation and reduced installation costs

Optimum use of rebar

This product is used in various types of composite roofs, walls and pre-made composite parts, floors of halls, warehouses, highways and airports, foundations of buildings and concrete foundations, creating tunnels, building subways and bridges, creating dams.

Concrete, special water supply channels, fencing around warehouses, airports, parking lots, etc. are used.

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