Prevent Hair Loss by Using Ujala Liquid Detergent

Detergents are substances that, due to their special composition, have the ability to remove dirt and grease from surfaces or objects.

Fat particles and dirt are stuck on the cloth of dishes or any surface and cannot be removed by simple washing with water.

To remove them, we need Ujala liquid detergent that, by creating chemical bonds, cause the dissolution of fat particles and pollution and separate them from the surfaces.

It is produced for any type of surface or detergent.

And the production of detergents has undergone many changes over the years.

There are different types of detergents. Including:


Washing powder

Dishwashing Liquid

Washing liquid

Liquid soap



Today, the number of detergents has reached such an extent that it cannot be counted.



The oldest and first detergent made by humans is soap.

Soaps are no longer produced in their original form and the way they are made has changed.

Aromatic oils, alkali, preservatives and fats are used in soap production.

The type of fats used determine the quality of the soap. So; Their purer and odorless types are used for soap making.

There are different types of soaps in terms of usage:

Toilet and bath soap

In the composition of these soaps, due to their direct connection with human skin,

Their alkalinity has been reduced and softeners and aromatic substances have been used.

Laundry soap:

The use of these types of soaps has decreased today.

These soaps are produced from cheap fats and they are used in washing clothes.

Medical soaps:

These types of soaps have therapeutic properties and are prescribed by doctors for all kinds of skin and fungal diseases.

Washing machine soaps

Abrasive soaps:

These types of soaps are used to remove dirt from metal surfaces and other objects.

Silica powder, aluminum, sodium polyphosphate and pine oil are used in the composition of these soaps.

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