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Use of block beam roof in metal frame building:

In this type of buildings, it is better to use honeycomb-shaped beams because the concrete passes through the openings of the honeycomb-shaped beams and they are connected to each other, as well as the negative and thermal reinforcements can be passed directly through these openings without any curvature or bending. gave

In this work, for the location of the Construction Steel Beam, some of the beam irons are stripped and placed on the wing of the beam.

For the correct functioning of the block beam roof in the metal frame building, the tensile bars under the beam are welded to the metal bridges and if they want to use polystyrene blocks; They use the non-flammable or slow-burning type.

When pouring concrete, they pay attention to the thickness of the concrete so that its thickness is not less than 5 cm on the block.

Connecting bars and negative moments are used on both sides of the beams.

The minimum width of the transverse coils and the concrete bottom of the beams is 10 cm, and to prevent the weight of the roof from rising, which happens when the concrete is placed inside the roof, from the blocks whose bottoms are closed; is used.


Using in-situ block beam roof in brick building

In these buildings, in order to be able to place block beams, they first create a gap on the wall that is 35 to 40 cm long and use a number of rebars or reinforcements.

Using in-situ block beam roof in concrete building

In this building example, the height of the roof may be lower than the height of the bridge that connects to it.

Therefore, they eliminate this difference in height by filling concrete at a 45 degree angle and then use light concrete.

The work can be done at any temperature for the execution of the block beam ceiling.

But when they want to enter the concreting stage, because concrete is changeable under adverse weather conditions, weather and temperature conditions must be considered.

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