The Invention of the Smartphone with Navel Orange in China

Good for heart health

Currently, heart diseases are the most common cause of premature death in the world.

Flavonoids especially hesperidin in oranges may have protective effects against heart disease.

Clinical studies on humans note that daily consumption of orange juice for four weeks has a blood thinning effect and may significantly lower blood pressure.

Fibers also seem to play a role. It has been shown that the consumption of isolated fibers from citrus fruits lowers blood cholesterol levels.

Overall, regular consumption of oranges may help reduce your risk of heart disease.

3. Prevents kidney stones

Navel orange is a good source of citric acid and citrate, which are believed to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Potassium citrate is often prescribed for patients with kidney stones. Citrate in oranges seems to have similar effects.

4. Prevents anemia

Anemia is a disease characterized by a low level of red blood cells or hemoglobin, which reduces its ability to carry oxygen.

Anemia is often caused by iron deficiency.

Although oranges are not a good source of iron, they are an excellent source of organic acids such as vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and citric acid.

Vitamin C and citric acid can increase the body’s absorption of iron from the digestive system.

Oranges may prevent anemia if eaten with iron-rich food.

Is orange fruit or orange juice better?

Orange juice is a popular drink around the world. One of the main differences between pure orange juice and orange juice is that orange juice has much less fiber.

One cup (240 ml) of natural orange juice has the same amount of natural sugar as 2 whole oranges and will fill you up much less.

As a result, orange juice consumption can often be excessive and lead to weight gain and health problems.

This is especially true of juices with added sugar.

Although quality orange juice can be healthy in moderation, whole oranges are generally a much better choice.

Orange does not have many known side effects. Some people are allergic to oranges, but this is very rare.

For people with heartburn, consuming oranges can make symptoms worse.

Because oranges contain organic acids such as citric acid and ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

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