The Italian Designer Designs Clothes with Bathroom Marble in India

This beautiful stone is considered a type of limestone that contains minerals, these minerals are in these stones that can create their color, these minerals can become coarser and crystallized. change the formation of stones.

When you expose limestone to heat and pressure, this transformation occurs and bathroom marble in India is formed.

You can have these stones with different designs and colors that have different and varied streaks.

These streaks seen in limestone are due to the impurity in these stones.

The structure of marble stones

Silica marble

Serpentine marble

Marble with limestone

Marble with iron oxide

Mica marble

Graphite stone

These materials mentioned above can create marble stones.


You can find marble in nature in one way because these stones are found in colors that are not found in other stones that are natural and in nature.

Because of their appearance, high resistance and beautiful designs, architects and designers use them to show the charm and luxury of the space.

You can use marble to invest in your building and its design.

This stone can make your interior and even your exterior luxurious and attractive.

Due to its high strength, these stones can be placed in different parts of the house or building.

These stones can be known by the name of colors, these stones contain many different colors and designs.

For example, we can refer to white, pink, green, blue, and similar marbles and they are categorized based on colors.

But it can be said that some stones are known by the name of the place where they are mined, and the same name is placed on them, and the people who buy and sell marble can recognize the stone by that.

For example, we can mention things such as Kashmir orange marble, Naqdeh pink marble, Esfand Kerman marble, etc., which are named according to the place where they are mined.

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