The Yellowing Shower Tray Caused the Tower to Fall

The type of faucets is one of the most important things that you should consider when choosing and buying sanitary equipment.

Faucets that use low-quality and weak alloy in their body construction lose their original beauty and color.

The valve body may be made of brass or steel, of which stainless steel material is preferable and higher quality than brass.

In fact, all-steel faucets are one of the best options for faucet bodies.

Use of appropriate perlators

A perlator is a device that is installed in the faucet or dishwasher and other faucets to save water.

Considering that water resources are limited in our country today, it is recommended to buy and install perlator or fountain faucets.

There are different types of perlators, each of which can be suitable for you using their properties and characteristics.

Faucet color

Today, due to the advancement of technology, there are different colors of bathroom faucets and dishwashers, which can bring more harmony and harmony between the kitchen or bathroom and the bathroom.

Although in the past, the color of faucets was very limited, but nowadays, by using different platings, you can also use special colors for sanitary faucets.

In the process of painting faucets, different methods and different technologies are considered, each of which has different characteristics and makes the characteristics of faucet color different and distinct. For example, in some faucets, anti-stain property is considered.

Currently, chrome plating, PVD plating, electrolac or electrophoretic plating, nickel plating, brass and bronze plating, etc. are the best and most common methods available.

PVD plating is the best and most durable type of plating, followed by nickel and chrome plating.

Electrostatic plating, in which powder colors are used, is in the next category in terms of color resistance and quality, and after that, there is the type of electrolac plating.

The distance between the science of milk and the bathroom

The height of the milk is one of the most important things that is important in choosing and buying a dishwasher or washing machine.

As you know, if the distance between the faucet and the sink is suitable, it is effective in the comfort of work, and if it is too short, it can make it difficult for you to wash your hands or dishes.

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