Whiten Your Teeth Using Green Tea Leaf

Green tea is one of the most popular beverages that contains a compound called catechin and has proven benefits for the skin, hair and body.

Consuming and drinking this type of tea is also considered as a medicinal plant due to its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, and it plays an effective role in preventing cancer and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing the risk of blood clots.

Also, consuming this drink by increasing the body’s metabolism has amazing properties for slimming the stomach and sides.

Slimming with green tea

At first, it is better to focus on one of the most well known properties of this tea, which is weight loss and slimming.

Green tea leaf contain epigallocatechin, which helps reduce waist size and slimming.

Eating one or two cups of this popular drink in the morning increases fat burning by increasing the body’s metabolism and ultimately leads to weight loss.

The best time to consume green tea for weight loss

It is suitable to replace this drink instead of high calorie drinks at any time of the day.

Just make sure that about two hours have passed since your meals so as not to interfere with the absorption of food iron.

But the best time to consume green tea is in the morning, because it has enough caffeine to boost energy.

For many who are looking to lose weight, the question is how to lose weight with green tea?

In answer to this question, it should be said that if your reason for drinking this tea is to lose weight and lose weight, the best time to consume it is before sports training and in the amount of one to two cups.

But naturally, drinking this tea alone is not enough to lose weight, and you should also have a healthy and nutritious diet in your daily schedule.

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